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Relay is the local social network.
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Social Impact

Download Relay to promote and protect your community. By championing your community you will become a leader with a vast following. Create and expand the community you desire to be a part of today.

More beneficiaries are receiving lots of opportunities around

“I got a job because of Relay! Relay always updates users in real time throughout the entire camp rather than wait on each organisation and that make me always visit Relay app more often. "

- Morisho Ndambwe Albert, Congolose film-maker & photographer.

More beneficiaries are stay connected even when they're offline

“Living in the last-mile environment is very challenging. Network is fluctuate and frequently got cut-off. The first time I experienced Relay offline feature, I was so relieved because I still can get information even I am offline. This is a breakthrough!”

- Santos Madhieu, South Sudanese living in kk1

More beneficiaries are getting more accessible and accurate information

"I lived in Kakuma for more than 20 years and finally I found a reliable and informative source I can count on. Relay gradually filling the massive gap of information in the whole refugee camp."

- James Big Fire, Community leader


    Don’t miss out on information about what’s happening around you. Relay is designed to improve your access to locally relevant information.


    Don’t be bored - attend an event. Relay lists local events and gives you the chance to promote your own.


        We collect and curate critical information to you and your community’s well-being. Use Relay to ensure you have the most recent information about service providers in your area.


        Connect with community members who shares your interests. Whether you want to discuss life hacks, specialised knowledge or crack jokes Relay helps you organise the conversation. The more time and effort you invest in your community, the more it gives back.


          Humanitarian Partners

          Relay is helping these organizations reach more beneficiaries more efficiently. Using Relay, they can diseminate critical information thorughout the camp with just a click of a button.

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